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Come live a unique experience in Xeozrodel

In Xeozrodel you will find everything from wilderness to rich culture. From towering mountains shrouded in breathtaking mist, you'll find serenity in the golden beaches that surround the quiet bays. Make new friends in small towns with laid-back charm. Or explore the main cities with their unique style.

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Xeozrodel, a unique country, unique cities

Xeozrodel has the most impressive cities in the world. A unique style that you won't find anywhere else. Impressive medieval cities, small quiet villages, warm people who know how to welcome and celebrate. You will find what you like in Xeozrodel.

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A castle in xeozrodel


There are 26 cities, and you can walk on them. You can buy different products in different cities. You can take a tour by boat and visit all coastal cities. Each city has different things to see and do, and you can explore them by car, by bike or by walk. Perfect for company travel or family holiday.

The castle of Hlacot Tower

Explore the beautiful Castles of Xeozrodel

Castles in Xeozrodel is a big part of the history. The history of Xeozrodel castles starts in 13th century. We offer you exceptional excursions in the heart of a place full of history. You can buy special souvenir, go to the tour, explore the castles or even visit museum inside some castles.

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BEST Castles

Visit the 11 castles around Xeozrodel's cities. It will take about 4 or 5 hours for each castle. You can take a tour for each castle, learn about the history of each castle, or visit the museum inside some castles. You can learn about the past life of local people from each castle.

Visit the wonderful Ruins of Xeozrodel

It's an ideal place for families. In ruins, you can have fun, you will be in contact with nature, you will learn about ancient cultures, and you will be able to make new friends. And there are a lot of things to visit and things to do in ruins. We can organise archaeological tours, trips to the caves, adventure tours, trips to the mountains, and more…

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The castle of Hlacot Tower

BEST Ruins

You will have the privilege of taking a trip at your own pace. You will see and learn about the ruins of Xeozrodel through extreme tours and trips organised by us. If you want to visit the ruins of Xeozrodel, and you do not know where to start, we will help you: we will take you to the best places, and we will organise and prepare for all the necessary.