ABOUT Xeozrodel

A wonderful landscape from Xeozrodel city


WHat is Xeozrodel ?

A medieval world of shadowed canyons and azure oceans,illuminated by a crimson sun. The world is primarily populatedby humans, with smaller numbers of other races

Who are we ?

We are 3 dwarfs from the world of Xeozrodel, Thomabor, Alexofur and Romator. Our families have known each other for many generations, more than 600 years of friendship unites us.
Our great great great great great grandparents founded the "Xeozrodel tavern" and we are now the proud managers. The longevity and reputation of our Tavern in this world has allowed us to create unique partnerships with sovereigns to allow you to discover incredible places that we will never forget in your life.Some areas and cities of Xeozrodel are in war. We assure you an optimal security.
The touristic circuits that we propose are completely safe, in more than 500 years of existence we have recorded 0 accident.

Why come to Xeozrodel ?

Our world is old and has never known a great technological revolution like yours. Most of our cities, towns, and villages have kept their medieval architecture but also their way of life.
You will find everything, the hospitality of the northern dwarfs, with breathtaking mountainous landscapes. The richness and warmth of the coastal towns with the famous markets in the whole of Xeozrodel. The political situation in Xeozrodel has calmed down compared to 200 years ago.
Most of the wars have stopped, the discrimination among the races that populate our world is almost over. However, some areas are classified as risky because of wars between nobles for the sharing of resources and cities. To visit these areas, you MUST have a guide (not necessarily from Xeozrodel Tavern). There are still many ruins and castles from this ancient war period to visit.
We advise you to have a look at it, it is worth the tour. You are guaranteed to find what you like at Xeozrodel !

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