Bydon, City of the Ruby Eye

BYDON also called CITY OF THE RUBY EYE is one of the few cities spared by the great war of Xeozrodel. The city is located in the largest valley of the country and contains many hot springs. During the autumn and winter the city is surrounded by fog which makes it almost invisible. This unique natural feature of Xeozrodel has allowed the city to remain intact. It was once inhabited by elves and wizards. Today it is mainly inhabited by humans and wizards. The city is known to be the most beautiful of Xeozrodel. The view of the valley is unique. Don't wait any longer and come to enjoy its hot springs with a unique landscape in the world.

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Bydon, City of the Ruby Eye


1. Watch out for the elves

During the autumn and winter the city is surrounded by fog which makes it almost invisible. During the spring, the fog disappears, revealing Bydon in a unique setting for those who wish to visit the city. The fog does not reach the city during the summer, so the city is also very visible.

2. Visit the library

The Library is the most complete library in Xeozrodel. The books stored here are written by wizards. The oldest book in the library is from the year 612 of the Xeozrodelian calendar. Books are not written only in Xeozrodelian, but also in other languages like Elfish and Ancient.

3. Have some fun at Mardi Grass Festival (late Spring) or Summer Fair (early Autumn)

A lot of people attend these festivals every day because they offer games such as 'jousting' where you can challenge your opponents using wooden sticks made specially long ago when elvism first came into play! Also, there will usually live music performances throughout each festival period that go along well together, making things even more enjoyable than ever before!! Not forgetting all kinds of different food stalls selling delicious foods ranging between snacks, sandwiches etc…

4. Visit Harga's Barbecue restaurant

Located just outside town square, this place serves up top quality steaks grilled over an open fire grill!

5. Go shopping/gambling inside City Square itself after midnight

Xeraxus Casino - Located within walking distance east across river towards East gate entrance. Best bet would probably either try playing blackjack until losing everything then walk back home, or alternatively trying spinning roulette wheel while eating free drinks provided! Both options provide excellent entertainment value, if nothing else.

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