Caburh is a small coastal town. It is mainly inhabited by fishermen from all over the world. Caburh is the town of xeozrodel that suffers the most from the effects of global warming. Part of the city has been swallowed up by the highlands. The inhabitants have adapted the architecture by building the houses on pillars. If you go up on a roof you can see the roofs of some of the houses that are above the sea.

Plan a trip


1. Take a picture of the city of Caburh

You can have a walk in the whole Caburh. There are several paths to do this. Caburh is very beautiful with his sea exposition.

2. Explore the museum of Caburh

The museum of Caburh is located in the upper town, in the street of the church. There are more than 100 pieces of old documents from the past.

3. Visit the old town

The old town is located in the lower town, in the street of the church. There are a lot of old houses with the typical architecture of Caburh, and there is a small market every Monday and Friday.

4. Visit the new town

The new town is located in the upper town, in the street next to the sea. This is the new part of Caburh with a lot of modern buildings and shops.

5. Explore the fishing village of Caburh

There are about 10 fishing spots in Caburh. The most popular one is Caburh Beach. You can go swimming in Caburh Bay, but it is not a big beach. The best activity is snorkelling to see the very diversified underwater nature.

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