Located at some killometer from Clebuff. The city had a hard time recovering from the great war of Xeozrodel. Some areas are still in ruins. You will be amazed to see the ruins of the district located on the river. Through the absolute calm, you can see the terrible power of the ships that harassed Xeozrodel during the war. The city sadly known for having suffered the most losses during the war

Plan a trip


1. Visit and explore one section/block area where old buildings remain intact.

In the eastern part of the city, some pieces of wall and house are still intact. This place has become a real outlet for artists who let their imagination run wild by tagging the walls. Artists from all over the world come to pass strong messages on still existing horrors like slavery, forced labour, dictatorship, mass surveillance. We advise you to go early in the morning, some places are very popular for photos and a crowd can quickly be created.

2. Explore an abandoned building or two with your friends.

Succumb to the new trendy activity among young people, the urbex. Come discover, with a night guide, abandoned places full of history. Thrills and adrenaline guaranteed (note: we remind you that this activity without a guide is considered illegal).

3. Look out into any nearby bodies of water.

The city is surrounded by rivers, and we advise you to follow a stream and let nature guide you. You will be able to meet walkers or mushroom seekers. You can even stop to fish, the rivers are full of fish.

4. Research something about past wars between this nation which may have impacted its culture.

The conflicts that have hit the city have left traces that will never leave. It is however interesting to observe the behavioural changes that they had on the population, their way of life, the architecture of the houses, the beliefs etc. These people are very open, and you will be moved by their past.

5. Have lunch downtown.

Cleford is home to many world-renowned restaurants. It is almost mandatory for every tourist to visit at least once. The specialities they offer are unique, and you won't find them anywhere else! The prices remain very affordable.

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