Temor, next to Sirestir, are both unique cities. The elves and wizards who once populated the city experimented. They lost control and giant flowers started to grow. Some of these flowers can grow up to 30 meters high with a stem of several meters in diameter. Temor is less touristy than its sister city Sirestir. The city centre is quieter. 3 gothic castles overlook the city and offer a unique flower field city. A perfect city to see a unique landscape while relaxing in nature.

Plan a trip


1. Visit the huge and unique flowers in the city

The best attraction of Temor city is the huge and unique flowers in the city. The city is famous for its beautiful and huge flowers, and there are many kinds of flowers in the city. There are beautiful flowers like the iris, lily, tulips, roses, hyacinths, and lilacs. These flowers can not be seen in other cities.

2. Visit the caves of Temor

The caves are located near the river of Temor. The caves are huge, and the walls are made of lime stone. There are many kinds of caves like: the cave of the dragon, the caves of the giant, and so on. The caves are very interesting, and you can not see them anywhere else.

3. Visit the Gothic castles of Temor

The castles are located at the west of the city. The castles are made of stone, and the towers are made of stone. The castles are very beautiful, and you can see them from the other cities. At the top of the castle, you will have an amazing view on all Temor city. This place is full of history, with stained-glass windows dating from the 8th century.

4. Visit the city centre of Temor

The city centre is very beautiful, and the houses are made of stone. The houses are very nice, and you can not see them anywhere else. We advise you to do a 2 hours walk around the city centre, visit the local shops and permanent exhibitions. Meet the inhabitants of this village, who will be happy to welcome you. Drink a coffee in the bar in the central square and admire the narrow streets full of history.

5. Chill in the nature

Chill in the most famous and beautiful place near the river of Temor. The place is big and beautiful, and you can see many kinds of animals like: the rabbit, the deer, the deer, the horse, the hare, the cat, the fox, the wolf, the weasel, the bat, and many others. You can not see them in other places. Sit with friends or family and listen to the sounds of nature. You can enjoy the view on the river of Temor, the mountains, the sky, the clouds, and the sea.

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