The Mystical City of Orthond

The mystical city of orthond is a very ancient city known as the oldest city of Xeozrodel. You will find some mystical wonders and temples which are very difficult to navigate. A lot of explorer and mysticists were born there, but if you are looking for treasure, you may not come here.

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The Mystical City of Orthond


Here are the top 5 activities to do in Orthond:
- Go hiking in the forest.
The city still having the chance to be surrounded by a primary forest take advantage of it to make a return to nature. Many hiking trails are offered with different levels from simple to experienced. It is also possible to go horseback riding, the rental is done for half a day. The forest is full of mushrooms, do not forget to bring them to the pharmacy before consuming them!

- Climb the great rampart of the city.
Maintained in a perfect state, it is possible to go around the city entirely on the rampart. You will have an incredible view of the whole city, passing through all the main districts of Orthond. It is possible to leave the wall quite often, there are stairs every 500 meters or so. The top is made of cobblestones, so be careful with your shoes! Many street food vendors are located on the rampart, so you can enjoy your ice cream, or eat your noodles while enjoying the view.

- Go up the observation tower.
Be careful with this activity, you have to book in advance at the tourist office. The observation tower, formerly used by astrologers, was used to observe the movement of the stars in order to better understand the laws that govern our world. The telescope is still in working order and can be used, but you have to be patient as the queue can be long. Once at the top, in addition to having a panoramic view of the whole city, you will also see the immensity of the forest.

- Visit the old Elven quarter.
Now transformed into a gay district, it has the largest queer population in the world. The atmosphere of its many bars and restaurants is unique, we advise you to go there! In the evening, the joy of life invades the street and will undoubtedly change your vision of the world.

- Go to Alfredo's house.
The first foreigner from another world, who arrived more than 200 years ago, Alfredo created his restaurant called "Alfredo Fettuccine". Today, still run by family members, it continues to respect the tradition that their ancestor taught them. This restaurant is known as one of the best in all of Xeozrodel. The prices are affordable, and we strongly advise you to stop by.

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