If you're looking to add some great shots to your Instagram account, all you have to do is walk the streets of Xeozrodel cities in search of the most "Instagrammable" photo. To help you out, here are some of my favourite Instagram photo spots.

Of course, our world offers a lot of historical monuments, original facades and unusual places to photograph with your phone. The choice can be difficult to make.

Whether you're just passing through or a resident, you'll be surprised by these hidden treasures for some, or seen from a new angle for others.

Let's go together to discover the most beautiful cities in the world, and make your Instagram account irresistible!

The world tree :

Located in the city of Conno, 20 minutes walk from the city centre, in the heart of the primary forest. The world tree is over 200 meters high with a diameter of over 10 meters. During the summer night, at the time of the equinox, the moon remains as blocked in the air above the tree. The elves who are in charge of maintaining the peace of the place light some lanterns on the branches.

- The clouds of blood :

Although the name is slightly macabre, the place is unique in the world. Located in Kjoarefell this natural phenomenon has been occurring for about thirty years now. Due to global warming, the nitrogen air is mixed with the iodine air of the sea, combine it with a summer heat and the clouds become red with orange hues. In order to have a better view of the phenomenon, we recommend climbing the hill located south of the city.

- The towers of light:

Located on a Shundinar. The two sacred cathedrals in the centre of the city were named after their gold covering. During the long autumn days, when the sun rises and the fog descends from the mountains into the valley, the two arrows of the buildings shine like 1000 lights. The perfect place for the photo is located on the mountain in front of us, you have to go there by hike. A gîte is on the top, so it is possible to go there the day before to sleep on the top. Attention however with the meteorological condition if you want to capture this single moment.

- The queen's flower:

Located in Sirestir, the gigantic flower of the city takes its name from the queen. It was her favourite holiday spot. When she was 20 years old, she discovered this place, and it was love at first sight. This unique place allows you to take a unique picture when in the early morning of spring when the flower opens. To have a good view on the place, you can pay locals who will show you in the trees.

- The great wall:

Located in downtown Clebluff, the wall used to mark a separation between the two warring parts of the city. When the war was over, the inhabitants rushed to the wall to destroy it and join the other side. From everywhere in the city you can find traces of the wall. Artists from all over the world go there to paint the wall with strong messages about freedom. In the middle of the wall, there is a work signed by a certain Sirotor. After a long investigation, experts agree that this is a fictitious name and that it is in reality a work of Leonardo da Vinci.

- The great valley:

Located in Bydon, the great valley is a unique landscape in the world. It is said that this area was once extremely mountainous. A meteorite would have crashed and transformed the area into a huge valley. It is possible to cross it by horse, on foot or even by bike. This place brings tourists from all over the world. When the sun rises and the mist descends on the city, it is like being in another world. It is possible to go up the river to take a unique picture.

- The sea market:

Located in the city of Neylo, this market is one of the oldest in our world. It is specialized in maritime products. We find unique fish, street food stands that offers fresh produce of high quality. This place has a unique atmosphere, by strolling you can take unique shots. It is possible to go up on the small dune located at the western exit to take an aerial photo of the market.

- The island city:

This is the nickname given to the city of Lliny. Once a year, during the high tide, the city, normally attached to the mainland, becomes an island for a few hours. The entire city is Instagrammable, the old streets, the stands in the street with their inhabitants with big smiles, the colourful facade and much more. Capturing the magic moment of the tide will give you the photo of the year. However, be careful with your positioning, it can be dangerous, so inform yourself in advance of the tide times and or hire a local guide.

- The collysed tower:

Located in the centre of Weeminster, this unique building takes us back to the past of Xeozrodel. At that time, gladiatorial fights were frequent, and many spectators came to watch this show. With the establishment of human rights, this custom has disappeared. This building was then built as a tower while keeping the basic style of the architecture. This building is now the great University of Science of Xeozrodel. Students from around the world come to this university to take advantage of the education provided by the university. It is possible to climb to the top to take pictures of the city. Perfect for your Instagram.

- The sea of spices:

This is the nickname given to the market of the city of Chidon. Specialized in spices, it is a real unique place! You will be transported, the magic smells will make you travel. The colour contrast is unique and will give you photos of exceptional quality. We advise you to go on a Saturday, it's the day when the most stands are outside, the crowd will be present. A perfect moment to capture for your Instagram subscriber.